22 April 2015


Back from left to right: Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, Calou, Moi, Christian Fevret, 
Arnaud Deverre, Serge Kaganski, Rodolphe A D'Ormeuil, Emmanuel Tellier
Front: Eric Mulet with son Boris / Photo taken by Renaud Monfourny

woz there from Bi-monthly to monthly to
"I'm your fan" CD: tribute to Leonard Cohen

Collage of my work published in L'Affiche,
Hip-hop / rap magazine in France

Paris / Londres
Published materials (texts and photo): Reportage on the 
British-Asian scene in London for Coda; Interview & photo with Baaba Maal +
dinner with Chris Blackwell; Chelsea interview in Premonition; photos
for Peter Gabriel's WOMAD booklet; photo for Barbican booklet; 
photo/interview for Milesahead

London / Londres
Time Out article for Children First book on children homelessness awareness. 
My picture of a child traveler was selected  - famous artists participating included Quincy Jones

Collage on my work showcased in Time Out
Artist in Trellick Tower for Carnival
Exhibition in Memory of Ed Lewis 

Ed Lewis - photo published in various publications in 2003
© Sybille Castelain

Photos published in various publications
Basement Jaxx; Into U; Dave Courtney; 
Torture Garden; Homme Alone for AOP;
Homeless man for the Independent/Chanel4;
Cops in Carnival; Punk family; 
Rainbow family; Kids in Trafalgar
© Sybille Castelain

My Secret event advertised in Time Out

Latin America / Amérique Latine
 #Caribou #Video #Exhibition
One Giant Leap + World Traveller + Radio Nova
Documentaries cycle I curated

Articles/prog on my events / articles sur mes événements

My event for DR9 featured in El Comercio
Flyers I designed to promote Bjork / Matthew Barney events
My articles on Matthew Barney, Bruce Nauman, Kiarostami, Peruvian collective, Zhang Huan
Artmotiv - #Magazine #Art

I interviewed artists I curated for Artmotiv
El Peruano interviewed me for the collective exhibition

Zhang Huan - The Realm of Incense: http://www.artmotiv.com/El-imperio-del-incienso
Erice-Kiarostami – Correspondances: http://www.artmotiv.com/Retrospectivas-integrales
Matthew Barney @ Serpentine: http://www.artmotiv.com/Matthew-Barney-Artista
Bruce Nauman - Nauman’s land: http://www.artmotiv.com/Nauman-s-land

Youtube / CV of artists who mention me / CV d’artistes qui me mentionnent
Artists who didn't submit their work but were
suggested by me include 2 photographers: Sandro Aguilar
and Ricardo Yui; street artist Jose Ignacio Iturburu.
Thanks to Pierre Losson who was the only one to believe!

Mishelle Ramos (painter): curadorial text (0’50’’) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3nt0UZXDB8
Sandro Aguilar (photographer):
http://www.sandroaguilar.com/web/prensa.htm (I curated Hospital a la Alianza Francesa + I curated “artistas peruanos”)
Cherman (graphic): I offered him his very first major exhibition a La Alianza Francesa and another gallery gave him another exposure a week later:

Ricardo Yui (an underrated asshole, but an ungrateful asshole nevertheless): www.ricardoyui.com Ricardo graduated in 2005 and never had any exhibitions until I offered his first exhibition en la Alianza Francesa en 2008. He then won a prize from the French Embassy (Pasaporte Por Un Artista) and studied in Arles after I spoke to a visiting lecturer.

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